New IDA logbooks!

New IDA logbooks!

The new IDA logbooks are available from now on!

After 22 years in gold-blue, the black and white phase follows. In terms of content, we have not changed anything, because the partition and the text forms have been rated as good by you. We have decided only in color for a slightly different outfit and completed the imprint on the front page with "logbook" in Russian and Polish. Please order here:

IDA DiveDays 2018

Great Divers Days in Löbejün

Information and registration for the IDA DiveDays 2018

under: or

Saturday morning there's an IDA instructor Meeting at the Sattelhof Inn.

Diving fascination

Deepblu is the online community where divers continue their diving adventures above the surface. You can create digital dive logs, show off your underwater photography, expand your knowledge and keep exploring the underwater world. Follow IDA on Deepblu to receive updates or find instructors and training centers near you.

For IDA Dive Professionals

No more wet stamps! Instructors can electronically verify your digital dive logs of their students anytime, anywhere.

          Showcase your dive experience and professional diver knowledge - stay connected with your customers.

For IDA Divers


Customize your diver profile and complete it with your IDA dive license and specialties. No license yet? No worries! The platform is also there for beginner divers - Start your dive adventure within a community of like minded people.

          No more paper logbooks! Log your dives on Deepblu and enrich them with photography and other information. Capture your adventures and share with others.


Make the most out of your IDA membership. Follow IDA on Deepblu to receive updates about IDA news and events. Be constantly involved and get access to a new diver lifestyle.


The COSMIQ+ goes beyond the essential functions of a dive computer. It is the hardware component of a system that allows divers to continue their diving experience after completing a dive. It syncs with the Deepblu app at the press of a button, allowing divers to effortlessly create digital dive logs.

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IDA-Diving-Instructors will guarantee a safe and state of the art diving education worldwide. You will find your matching partner of choice close by via our diving instructor inquiry.

Dear colleagues,


the download section, holding all actual IDA education presentations, has been completed. Any IDA instructors having already signed up for this system may from now on take part and download. The registration form for this service is in the internal download section with the title "forms" under the name "agreement to the license contract". Please mail the filled out and signed form to the IDA office Schwentinental or Wartenberg.

Important for all IDA diving Instructors!

Due to a technical problem during the data-transfer from the old homepage to the new one a lot of email-addresses of our diving instructors have vanished and couldn't be retained. We're now asking all IDA - Diving - Instructors having yet not registered on our new homepage to register again on our new homepage by following this link:

Thank you very much for your effort!

About Ida

The International Diving Association represents an advanced and safe diving education including the joint pleasure of the “wet element”. IDA stands for a good lead-in into the world of diving.

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Photo Contest

We are getting many wonderful underwater pictures from our numerous members and we present the best of the individual month in our photo contest.

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