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IDA DiveDays 2017 in Hemmoor / Germany

The Organisation Team

Orga Team

IDA DiveDays 2017

The Kreidesee Hemmoor, about 80 km west of Hamburg, is an Eldorado for divers who love the fresh water. In addition to many interesting and original underwater installations (also two airplanes) the vacation domicile has a complete infrastructure for divers and those who just want to make vacation. Many IDA colleagues parked their tents or caravans there all year and come here almost every weekend to indulge their hobby or to pursue their profession. There is the entire range of difficulty levels, from the platform at 3 meters to the dark ground at 40 meters depth. So it was close to host the first IDA DiveDays there. In order to make the event as interesting as possible, we have asked many manufacturers of diving products to show their products on site and to make test dives possible. Particularly to be mentioned here are "waterproof" and seacsub, which despite the bad weather and made many test dives possible. Special Thanks to Hartmut Roller and Team (seac) and Thorsten Lorenz (waterproof Germany). The IDA Rebreatherboard, headed by Patrick Silberzahn, also had its own stand and, as expected, enjoyed great popularity. Michael Supp, who had offered to take test dives with the rebreather almost came out of the suit. After each dive, he was thrilled by diving and angry about his "waterproof" gloves or a leaking neck cuff. But also that belongs to the diving, a dry suit is rarely really dry. In the meantime, Jürgen Derichs and Patrick had conducted the workshops and had been able to teach many interested parties the theory of various courses such as Tec Fundamental, Wreck diving and Rebreather. Almost aside, there was an instruction for instructors who wanted to train assistants. During the 90 minutes of this lecture, Thomas Schulz, for 10 years IDA CD, suffered stoically and quite interested. Once again, the "old" instructors and the speaker noted that everything was better before. But, who does not go with the times, goes with the time. But enough lamented, now comes the cozy part. On Thursday evening, only the organizers were together to coordinate the events. On Friday and Saturday evening, all the volunteers at house 43 met and had been invited for a barbecue by Horst and Karsten! Unanimous opinion of all the participants, the sausages Horst had bought, were excellent. So it was not surprising that the last colleagues came to the bed very late and did not go to the water on Saturday. Probable cause, too many sausages. Klaus Kolmar from Sinsheim had his drone with him and made sure that a few divers got a stiff neck while Thomas Freudenberg from Neustadt / Holstein made his reflex camera glowing on the ground level. Heike Ostowski, our Tec Lady, traveled from Freiburg and spent more than 20 hours on the motorway this weekend. Thank you, Heike, for taking it. If we now draw a conclusion, this is: The first IDA DiveDays were very nice but not only with regard to the weather quite increaseable. It was much dived, much talked and laughed and a lot eaten. At the latest at the "Boot" 2018 in Düsseldorf, we will present our plans for the IDA DiveDays 2018 and hope to welcome a lot more colleagues and IDA divers here. In retrospect, we would like to thank everyone who made this meeting possible.

Your IDA Team

Rebreather test

Michael Supp, Rebreather Trainer for instructors.

Our Rebreather team

Patrick and Michael, our Rebreather Trainer.

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