The IDA plus Card

For some years now IDA is offering the IDA-Club-Card. The card is available for the individual diver, dive clubs and groups of interest no matter what association they belong to.
At our posted points of acceptance the card bearers would receive a bonus for different offers.


After one and a half year we have now restructured the card and the IDA-CLUB-CARD is now the IDA-PLUS-CARD. Since everyone can receive this card a lot more customers can visit the acceptance points. A list of the acceptance places will be posted on our homepage soon. The system of our acceptance partners will be furthermore enlarged and with it the special offers for the customers. IDA-Partner-Clubs can also become an acceptance point. The clubs are offering annually many different events and card bearers have a chance to join in for those events. By this you may have e.g. the chance to dive lakes normally closed for the public.


The card can be ordered directly at IDA if not already done so by your diving instructor or club. The order form can be downloaded right here.
The card is valid one year with a registration fee of €3,80;-. The card design will change from year to year and presents the winner picture of our annual photo contest.

Review of the advantages of the IDA-PLUS-CARD. Noticeable price discount with:

  • Dive voyages
  • Equipment
  • Tank fills
  • Education
  • IDA boutique articles
  • and a lot more

The IDA Partnerclub

Now here the price changes to €3,80,- and the card will be additionally labeled with club name and membership number. This way the club automatically has its own individual club card for every member and doesn’t need to apply for one separately. The club member responsible must order the cards annually via mail from the IDA head office in 36365 Wartenberg, mail office no 1 or via e-mail ( You’ll find the collect order form for club member cards also in the download section of the homepage.
Listed clubs shouldn’t forget to file an acceptance site application also. This way other card holders will visit your events and new contacts and mutual events can evolve.


By receiving the card for the IDA PLUS CLUB for a single small annual fee you become a member. Due to the individual rebate system at the IDA acceptance points this fee will pay off most of the time after your first buy.

Become a partner of the International Diving Association! Be a partner in a strong international society!


If you still have no IDA-Partner-Club-Card get in contact with us or start your download for the forms here:

Additional information

You need additional information concerning the partner club? You are more than welcomed to contact Horst Habermehl:

Horst Habermehl - CEO
Auf dem Weiher 46
36367 Wartenberg
Tel. +49 (0) 66 41 - 79 55
Fax +49 (0) 66 41 - 79 57


Membership term

The membership term starts with the validation date of the card and lasts from this date for twelve month.
One month prior to the termination date the responsible person of the club must mail a new, actual club membership list, a plus_card_frontpage image or a new application form for an individual membership to the IDA head office in 36356 Wartenberg, mail office no 1. If done so the membership will continue for another year. If the new fee payment isn’t credited in time the membership automatically ends after 365 days counting from the initial validation date.
In this case the membership data remain saved for another six month; if a new payment balance is listed within this period the membership starts again with the day of payment.
After the period of six month any data is going to be permanently terminated and a new application must be filed. The member declares his / her permission for saving the personal data for the time of membership and the additional period of six month explicitly.


The fee for the cards is €3,80;- (incl. add. tax value) for a single- or a club membership. The club membership application must be handled via an individual club representative exclusively.

Partner club

Any interested dive club, applying for an IDA club membership, may become a partner club. This dive club will also have the opportunity to present the club on the IDA homepage without any further cost.

The right to participate 

Any IDA diver age 18, minors will need a written declaration of agreement from their legal custodian, can become a member. The legal custodian must declare the obligation to pay for the minor.

Acceptance sites

Information about the acceptance sites, our partner clubs, the IDA plus Card and our cooperation partners can be found on our homepage under “CLUBS”. The card bearer can take advantage of special benefits or rebates with any participating partners. The benefits may be temporary. An actual overview will be posted on our homepage. A legal relationship is active between the card holder and the partner only when using the club-card at a partner site. IDA and IDA Club are free of any claims as long as they aren’t provider themselves.

Data protection

The filed membership data will be used by IDA / IDA Club for club specific offers and mailings, in which club partners may be integrated, only. The data will not be passed on to a third party. A member can request the deletion of its membership data at any time via e-mail to


IDA / IDA Club reserves to withdraw the card in case of miss use. If parts of the membership agreement are invalid or may become so, the other regulations remain applicable. The clause void will be replaced by the legal base of closest content.

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