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The „International Diving Association“ has been founded in June 1996 to combine the professionality with the high education standards of the CMAS. 

Current developments and perceptions directly flow to education and further development of divers and instructors so that all IDA instructors guarantee a worldwide progressive and safe diving education.

This excellent education standard and the common pleasure in the „wet element“ guarantee an ideal access into IDA diving world. Partner Associations all over the world offer all possibilities for education and further development to divers and instructors:

  • IDA is member of the CMAS Germany
  • IDA is partner of CMAS-Thailand
  • IDA is member of the  "Förderkreis Sporttauchen e.V."
  • IDA is member of "RSTC Europe"
  • IDA is member of "ITLA"
  • IDA is member of "A.B.R.E."
  • IDA is cooperationmember of "DRK" and "Wasserwacht"
  • and supporting member in the "Sharkproject"
IDA Team Horst Habermehl Wartenberg Karsten Reimer Schwentinental

Finances, Instruction, Media, Presentation

Karsten Reimer - President
Dorfstraße 267
24222 Schwentinental
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T +49(0)431 - 7992577
F +49(0)431 - 7990950

Registration, Seminars, Itemselling, Politics

Horst Habermehl - President
Auf de, Weiher 46
36367 Wartenberg
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T +49(0)6641 - 7955
F +49(0)6641 - 7957

additional contact persons and subject group

Resortleiter Rebreather / IDA-Rebreather-College

Patrick Silberzahn
Linienstraße 67
D-67316 Carlsberg
Tel: +49 6239-99786-80
Fax: +49 6239-99786-1
Mobil: +49 172-6232741

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Vicepresident and leader of diving medicine

Ralf Busch
Niebelungenstr. 45
D-50354 Hürth
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T +49(0)171 - 3619281

Leader of handicapped diving

Thomas Schulz
Am Spielplatz 1
D-29549 Soltendieck
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T +49(0)5874 - 9869956
F +49(0)5874 - 9869957
M +49(0)175 - 4132469

Leader of technical diving

Heike Ostowski
Goldammer Weg 2
D-79114 Freiburg i. Br.
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T +49(0)761 - 4537072
F +49(0)761 - 4537073

Diving medicine

Dr. med. Sostmann
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+49(0)171 - 3252288

Diving medicine

Dr. med. Georg Arends
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+49(0)9431 - 742640

Underwater Photography / Videography

Johannes Kern    
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Konstantin Killer
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International Diving Association

Karsten Reimer
Dorfstraße 267
24222 Schwentinental
E-mail: k.reimer@ida-worldwide.com

Telefon +49 (0)431 7992577
Telefon +49 (0)6641 7955
Fax +49(0)431 7990950

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