Special Courses

Special Courses & seminars

In addition to all listed courses the IDA Academy offers special seminars for instructors and those who would like to be one.
Besides the basic seminars for technic, rhetoric and medicine our CDs also give seminars for compressor technic, seamanship, introduction for commercial knowledge, seabiology and fresh water biology as well as other subjects.

For interested people we pass worldwide instructor and crossover
examinations. We publish the fixed dates regularly in the special press
as well as on the IDA Internet pages.
We steadily try to act as flexible as possible to the changing diving sport
market to guarantee always an actual and modern, but also safe and
instructive education.

Orientation Diving

Where am I?

Group Leadership

The safe leadership of diving groups.

Rescue Diving

How to help yourself and your partner.

Night Diving

Diving in the spotlight.

Drysuit Diving

Don’t be cold anymore.

Drift Diving

To dive (nearly) without any fin stroke.

Wreck Diving

See ships from a different side.

Diving in Sea Caves

Mysterious grottoes.

Practical First Aid

First aid for the diver.

Apnoe 1 & 2

Holding your breath and diving.


First aid for cardiac problems.


Breathing with pure oxygen.


How does that work?

Ice Diving

Cristal clear water.

Deep Diving

To the limit.

Diving at altitude

Cold, clear and lonely.

Cave Diving

Only for specialists.

UW Photography

Underwater Photography.

Marine Biology

Learning to recognize flora and fauna.

Fresh Water Biology

River and pond life.


Everything about boat-diving.

Cold water diving

Diving at under 10 degrees celsius.


Gliding under water.


The knowledge of no-decompression time, microbubbles and decompression stops.

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