Photo contest

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Weitere Gewinner aus 2024


  • Anybody can participate, no matter which association he / she may belong to. There are no categories, every photo and motive, taken under water, is welcomed.
  • By sending in a picture to the participant acknowledges that IDA may use this photo for non-commercial use.
  • The name of the photographer will of course be added to the picture in case of use. (A non-commercial use would be, e.g. the an enhancement of IDA flyers or education material)
  • Please mail in only one photo per month per participant.
  • The monthly winning pictures of one year are summed up into a table calendar for the following year, distributed for free to our visitors at our stand on the fair “BOAT” in Düsseldorf.
  • Mailing in dead line for the picture for the monthly participation is one week prior to the end of the month. This means that the picture for January for example must be in prior to the 31st December via email.
  • The overall winner for the year will be chosen out of all pictures received. The winning photographer will receive a valuable price.
  • By mailing your pictures you approve the regulations listed above.


  • 2008: IDA DI *** Mario Richter; Price: Regulator, Poseidon Ltd.
  • 2009: IDA DI** J. Kern; Price: High quality dive backpack, Balzer Ltd.
  • 2010: IDA TL ** Johannes Kern; Price: Citizen Eco Drive Professional dive watch, Watches Mehring, Bernhard Schmidt, from Lauterbach
  • 2011: Frank Müller; Price: Dive watch, Poseidon Ltd
  • 2012: Achim Goeke; Price: Value voucher 300 € Dive Base Roses Sub
  • 2013: IDA TL Konstantin Killer; Price IDA wind breaker and 5 DI education CDs of choice

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